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An ode to the inherent nature of making people feel welcomed, warm, and loved, Packman provides you options that are best in the business.
We believe gifting is an emotion and we want to be the expression of your emotions. A sophisticated bespoke gifting solution for all you. We curate intricately designed, multifunctional products that look aesthetically appealing, are multipurpose and affordable.
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Best Quality

At PACK MAN, we believe in providing best quality products to our customer with Zero Ignorance Policy



Personalization is the Art of PACK MAN, with almost all products available for customization as per customer requirement.


Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the main motto of PACK MAN, by fulfilling customers requirement without neglecting quality and after sales services.


Welcome to PACK MAN

01. Eco-Friendly

We are Tree-Huggers! Tree hugging is central to our company philosophy as we believe in handing over a cleaner and greener planet to our future generations! We at Packman Bespoke Gifting are dedicated to providing the eco-friendly products with a twist of creativity. With seed infused products to our DIY Home Garden products, we select only the best sustainable products that will always help in maintaining and developing the environment. We are Earth's Detox Green Tea.

With our earthen products good for mother earth we are the market leaders in pioneering the best Eco-Development product range that is catering to business all around the country. Packman is always concerned with what we give back to the society and especially the ecology surrounding us all.

We are environment, conservers, nourishers and developers promoting green concepts like never before! Even in the smallest way possible we never fail to share the fact that we care!

02. Wooden Art & Decor

Our wood Art is not restricted to the two Dimensions that you will find with others on the Internet and even your local Art and Craft Depot! We specialize in Wooden Artefacts and Wall Hangings especially active in the THIRD DIMENSION! Yes you read it right, we have Wall Frames, Wall Hangings, Wooden Trays, Wooden Sculptures that are completely 3D, so for all you Art Lovers & Appreciators that love Depth in your Art Work, it doesn’t get any better than selecting something from our Hand Picked, 3D Modelled Wooden Art Work. With customization available in all Three Dimensions!!

03. Glass & Ceramic Ware

They say crystals make living and office spaces shine brighter, we say they are right! Packman – Bespoke Gifting has procured exclusive glassware, right from kitchenware to wall décor and shelf showpieces. The range of glassware at Packman is accompanied by thousands of options in ceramics that can be used for culinary arts in restaurants or as a fancy dinner set for that one in year kitty parties. Have a requirement, just browse through our popular options and you will find your credit card and debit card in your hands! We assure you of the best quality flower vases and designer antiques that go well with any architectural design, minimalistic or bold and out there, you choose!

04. Wedding Cards & Gifting

Right from wedding basket to wooden invites. Packman – Bespoke Gifting brings to you an exotic range of wedding-related paraphernalia that can be used to add a five-star charm to your special day. Wooden hampers with freshly baked brownies, chocolates, and fruit champagne can always make that cocktail invite extra special. Everything customizable; we can get you some of the finest products creatively designed for an extravaganza. Weddings are sacred and special and there is nothing wrong with color-coding your invitation cards to meet the requirements of your VIP guest list.

05. Corporate Gifting

A superbly wide range of corporate gifting solutions to meet the needs of every occasion, from desk accessories to trophies, from pendrives to watches, from key chains to cardholders. We provide & customise all our products. Finding the right gift for your employees & partners has never been this easy. Our speciality lies in not only providing the best regular range of products, but by going a step further and providing gifts that are different. Ask for our custom wooden watches, décor, broaches, sustainable seed paper stationery sets and so much more.

06. Wearable Art

At the core we are all artists. These wearable art pieces will surely add style & substance to your look. Our vendors are the best in the business, creating perfect designs especially for Packman. Fashion with an earthy soul! Laser-cut wooden pieces with unique patterns and shapes. We also provide complete kits for all, with repair & care packages.

07. Scrap-To-Sculpture

Packman Bespoke Gifting & ArtCroc are proud to present Mini-Bots table planters, an art idea that aims to make beautiful usable art from scrap. Our aim is to produce art as social intervention, to inspire awe and joy, to educate, and to alter attitudes of viewers, ultimately creating meaningful and long-lasting identity of the word SCRAP. We intend to turning unused metal scrap into a creative piece of art and thereby contributing to the Green Movement taking place in different spheres of life.

08. Candles

The world of Packman – Bespoke Gifting caters to each and every need with the motto of spreading the light. We specialize in customized wax candles that will last you a lifetime. The various designs that we host are handcrafted and selected by our expert team of product cataloging in order to bring only the finest scented and non-scented designer candles. Our candles have put smiles across the faces of hundreds of customers using it for a variety of purposes from a candlelight dinner to scented bathtub sessions. We don’t sell candles, we sell a designer experience of fire wicks in scented wax.

09. Electronics

Range of small & medium electric products, from chargers to unique pen drives, from smart watches to speakers, from lamps to portable chargers. You dream it and we have it! Not your regular electronics range, here too we believe design is paramount. We curated a beautiful array of electrical products, that will make you swoon with no compromise in quality.

10. Bags and Wallets

Leather is traditionally the most commonly used item across the world. While expensive crocodile tanned skin and exotic fur products are banned for online sale, we provide a range of leather items that is fit for kings and sultans. Leather diaries, books made from leather, leather electronics to leather everything. At Packman – Bespoke Gifting we never hide the hide. Leather is said to be positive in its vibration and leather objects can often define luxe living. We have even supplied Leather wedding invites! There is nothing made in leather, that we cannot procure to suit the inner hunting needs that you have.

11. Hampers

Gifts are said to be a way of expressing appreciation, pleasure, acknowledgment, or just a gesture made out of pure love. Every feeling being expressed deserves a gift that truly conveys what you feel and we do our best to help make gifting a wonderful experience for you. The key to good hamper is when the contents added to the hamper complement its packaging. These hampers vary from a single compartment to multiple compartments. Pandora boxes, mini trays, etc are elements that make the hamper alluring. We also offer carved wooden trays which can be used to place chocolates, sweets, or goodies. These trays are aesthetically designed and are multipurpose. Our hampers are all made to perfection made of materials that sturdy and durable.

12. Blue Pottery

Being a part of the much aware 21st-century millennials, it is time we switch to sustainable products. Packman makes products which are sustainable yet fulfill the purpose of being useful. Clay products are nature friendly, sustainable, and apt for people who live an eco-friendly lifestyle. Incorporate sustainable products in your life, to do your bit for nature.

13. Cork Products

At packman, we do everything possible to make durable, environmentally friendly products. Newer, eco-friendly products mean innovation at its best and items that are a cut above the rest. Packman products turn even the most ordinary objects into something extraordinary by adding unique elements like material, shape, and true essence of nature. We bring you environmentally alternatives that bring elegance and class to your space. Explore an option that will enhance and add the needed uniqueness to your gifts, making a great first impression.

14. String Art

String art is one of the modern forms of creativity. Unlike quelling you get to create designs by hammering nails on a hard board and connecting them with thin, colorful strings. This art form is a burst of colors and shapes to the eye and most importantly brings everything made with it to live. It’s a blank canvas, where you can get anything created. Packman offers a complete customization based gifting option with string art. Get nameplates, city landscapes, or any picture made. Give your office space or your room an aesthetic touch, with these string art canvases.

15. Paper Bags

Packman’s Eco-Friendly Paper Bags make for perfect goodie bags that can fit anything and any occasion. Whether it’s an exciting take-away bag for your restaurant or personalized gift bags for an event, birthday, wedding, or festival; pick the type and size of paper, design, quantity and we’ve got the rest!