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‘Go green’, ‘its eco-friendly way or the highway’ is one the many things which we have heard time and again and over the decade these sayings are done and dusted with.

At Packman, we have a unique take on the eco-friendly concept. We say COME GREEN! Planting a tree in your backyard or recycling is not enough in the current environmental scenario. Adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle is what one should do to truly contribute to the environment. Hence, we say come green!

We offer a spectrum of everyday use products which apart from being eco-friendly, look sleek, are handy and make for apt products for gifting. The plantable paper products are the most sought after in the range of eco-friendly products. These naturally colored papers have seeds embedded in them. Notebooks, envelopes, bags, books cover, post its, calendars, Wedding cards, invitations, greeting cards, etc, are all the customizable options available in plantable paper.

There is a unique DIY kit, which is a mini gardening kit, with the help of which you can have a little garden for yourself. Our products expand in the utility section to stationary as well. Stationery boxes that are made of paper are available in various sizes, while there is a variety of seed pencils to choose from. The products are durable, having premium quality. They are designed to serve the purpose of being user friendly while taking care of nature.

Waterproof notebooks, bamboo covers for books, chit pads are other products that we exclusively offer. These products are unique and hence we customize and make hampers including all the products as per your requirement. Its time to switch to environmentally sustainable options, which not only make your life easy but nature too. Its time to come green with Packman.

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