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Cooling Fan

Another electronic product to make your life easy and this case breezy. An interesting take on table fans, this product looks elegant, is portable, and can perfectly fit in any space it is placed in. Powered through batteries, you don’t have to worry about tangling wires and finding plug points. Blending with the trend of small, compact, and portable items, this product is definitely of great use. Get one for your office, corporate space, or your home study today!
  • Portable Table Fan comes with Harmless Blades which do not damage when touched
  • It has a Powerful motor provides constant airflow and generates strong wind which can reach up to 3 meters
  • It comes with a unique Flexible Gooseneck Design which can bend and twist up to 360°
  • This Fan comes with a one-touch operation which makes it super easy and convenient to use
  • The Perfect Gift for any occasion
  • Input: DC 5V/0.5A
  • Power: 2 W
  • Work time: 3 to 5 Hours
  • USB cable: 60 CM
  • Color: White

Packman Video Brochure Pro Plus 7 inch

It’s time we shift towards paper-free options, to enable faster and simpler communication. Digital brochures allow you to send, share information in the blink of any eye, which accelerates the process of getting clients and branding your company. This product has a digital playback screen. Using a USB cable, video and data can be added by connecting it with a computer. Digital brochures allow you to enhance your presentation as it can include moving pictures, animations, etc, which add a visual appeal. Get one of the most recommended products for corporate today.
  • Screen Size: 7 inch
  • Auto On/Off
  • Buttons: Picture, Play/Pause, Forward, Backward, Volume Up, and Volume Down
  • Memory: 256 Mb
  • Color: White
  • Package Content: Video Pro Plus and 1 Micro USB Cable