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We all know that one person in our circle who loves colours! 'A pop of colour’ Hamper is exactly the kind of gift for such people. Nestled in a multipurpose wooden fenced tray, this hamper includes two vibrantly coloured mason jars with straws. The main highlight of the entire hamper is our handcrafted string art tealight holder which is made by intricately weaving colourful strings on linoleum nails that are placed on a wooden base. To spoil the person receiving the gift with some sweet sweet calories, we have also added a Kravour Wafer Biscuit along with a fizzy drink of your choice!  Items:  Multipurpose Wooden Fence Basket  2 Mason Jars  1 String Art Tealight Holder  1 Pack Kravour Wafer Biscuit 1 Can of Fizzy Drink of your choice


Quite like the name suggests, this hamper is the perfect ‘thinking of you’ gift for a coffee lover close to you... This surprise package comes arranged within a slit wooden basket bolted on both sides with a cute movable handle. As you glance inside, you’ll find 2 scented candles; the scents of which can range from Lavender, Thyme, Sandalwood, Lily, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus to 40 others! We have paired these with 2 ceramic and eclectic espresso coffee mugs that come in the most dreamy shades of pastel. To tie the entire coffee theme together, we have added a pack of Kravour Wafer Biscuits for that extra bit of sweetness to go with the espresso shot! You can also substitute Kravour Wafer Biscuits with chocolates, cookies, or anything you like (contact us for any customization). Our “Brewed With Love” hamper is perfect for people who love coffee and a zen moment every once in a while…  Products Included:
  • Wooden Basket with handle (4X4inch)
  • 2 Scented candles
  • 2 Coffee Espresso Mugs
  • 1 Pack Kravour Wafer Biscuit


Especially famous among our female clients, this ‘Copper Elegance’ hamper consists of a lacquered tray with a design of your choice. From quirky and retro designs to floral and abstract, we have a varied choice of tray options for you; not only that, the multipurpose design and nature of the tray makes it an indispensable part of any household! The tray contains 2 copper finished multi-purpose jars that are not only great for storing trinkets or other items but also make for great decor pieces. To tie the elegant theme together, we have added a geometrical prism-shaped Candle Stand with a copper-golden finish which will not only elevate your dining table but is also a great companion for intimate dinners!  Items: Lacquered Tray (8x4inch)  2 Copper Jars  1 Candle Stand Prism


Our 'Let's get Working' box is the perfect way to boost the morale of your employees and reinforce brand loyalty. Thoughtfully curated for every working professional, this hamper comes with an eco-friendly and plantable seed paper stationery box. One of our marquee products, this collapsible stationary box comes with a pen stand, sharpener and eraser holder and a seed paper chit pad to jot down your notes. We have also added two dark toned ceramic mugs to keep the coffee flowing while you work! A hot and cold thermosteel flask is the perfect way to keep you hydrated with your favourite beverage while an additional and vibrant seed paper diary gives you more room to jot down your thoughts.  Not only for a corporate or industrial workspace but this hamper is also a great gift for your workaholic friends!